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ADIP Scheme

The main aim of the ADIP Scheme is to help disabled persons procure scientifically manufactured modern aids that can promote their physical, social, and psychological rehabilitation by reducing disabilities. PwDs are given aids with the aim of making them independent and arresting their secondary disability. The aids and appliances supplied under the scheme are of good quality with a warranty and are BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certified. The ADIP Scheme also helps to conduct corrective surgeries before providing the device to people with disabilities.

A person with disabilities fulfilling the following conditions is eligible for assistance under the ADIP Scheme:

  1. An Indian citizen of any age.

  2. Holds a 40% Disablement Certificate.

  3. Has a monthly income from all sources not exceeding Rs. 20,001/- per month.

  4. In the case of dependents, the income of parents/guardians should not exceed Rs.20,000/- per month.

  5. Who has not received assistance during the last 3 years for the same purpose from any source. However, for children below 12 years of age, this limit would be one year.

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