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Bone Anchored Hearing Solutions

Bone anchored hearing systems are devices that assist hearing through bone conduction of sound vibrations to the inner ear. This is in contrast to regular hearing aids, which amplify acoustic sounds that enter the ear canal. 













Bone Anchored Hearing Aid Candidacy

·       Malformations of the outer and middle ear such as microtia and atresia: these types of malformations are usually congenital in nature, but can also be due to aquired such as trauma

·        Recurrent/secretory otitis media or other middle ear issues like otosclerosis or damage to the middle ear ossicles

·        Unilateral Sensorineural Hearing Loss/Single Sided Deafness. 

       Highlights of our program

·        BCII is the pioneer institute in India to start one shot BAHA surgery for patients who have 'Skull Base' tumours like Vestibular Schwannoma, Chondrosarcoma, Paraganglioma, Neurofibromatosis which causes deafness on the side of tumour.

·        Our very experienced surgeon, along with excising the life threatening tumours, provides the valuable hearing rehabilitation implant alongside the surgical procedure.

·        Experience session: Prior to the surgery we provide an experience session with BAHA by simulating the hearing loss the patient undergoes with tumour excision.

·        Documentation of the benefit from the device after experience session

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