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        Highlights of our program

  • Structured Candidacy evaluation for 'Post Lingual Adults'.

  • Focussed Counselling on Adult surgical procedure, Outcomes, Care and Maintenance.

  • Post surgical Speech Intervention Clinic for Adults 

When is Cochlear Implantation advised in Adults?

'Cochlea' is our organ of hearing in the inner ear. There are numerous hair cells inside the cochlea that carry the information of sound to the Cochlear Nerve. Damage to these Outer and inner hair cells cause Sensorineural Hearing Loss. When the damage is to a severe degree, other amplification options like Hearing Aids fail to provide any benefit and 'Cochlear Implants' come to play a prominent role. 

 In adults, there is irreparable damage to the cochlear hair cells in

  • Individuals with 'Skull base Tumours' like Acoustic Neuroma, Chondrosarcomas, Neurofibromatosis Type-2

  • Acquired Genetic Progressive hearing loss, where the hair cell damage is progressive and reaches a stage where there is complete damage to the structure.

  • Noise Exposure an Presbycusis where the patient distorted hearing quality despite the use of Hearing Aids.

  • Sudden Sensorineural Deafness


 Excellence and experience (BCII)


Our CI program structured exclusively for Adults is one of it's kinds and is among the very few places in country to offer an adult oriented service. 

When it comes to Cochlear Implant surgery, no matter how routine or complex the procedure, patients want the very best outcome and an experienced surgeon who performs the surgery routinely .Our experienced team of Surgeons are proficient in Skull Base surgeries and Adult Cochlear Implant Surgeries all around the country. Thus, operations that may seem major at other practices become a matter of routine for us, ensuring patient is away from any potential Surgical Risk. 


Custom made evaluations

  • Preoperative and Postoperative testing of hearing with Pure tone Audiometry, Tympanometry, Oto Accoustic Emission and Brain Evoked Auditory Responses

  • Documentation of Hearing status with hearing aids and other amplification options for Speech in Noise (SPIN)

  • Evaluation of potency of Cochlear Nerve (Promontory test, E-ABR)

 Need for intense Speech Therapy for Adults


Conventional hearing involves transfer of sound energy from the outer ear to middle ear and inner ear to reach the cochlear nerves. This is called Acoustic hearing. Whereas, the mode of hearing in a cochlear implant is 'Electrical' and requires reorganization and adaptation of brain to the 'New Hearing'.

Our program has a separate space for Adult speech therapy and has formulated a new approach to Speech processing and communication strategies for Adults . This enhances the listening skills of all our patients in a very short time and help them to have excellent hearing outcomes. 


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