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Highlights of our program

  • Quick & accurate evaluation process to preserve the Sensitive period of language learning of the child.

  • Careful monitoring of the child's performance on hearing aids before implantation.

  • Least invasive surgical procedures.

  • Intense Speech therapy Program

Pediatric Implant Program

When is a Cochlear Implant advised in Children?

A child is said to have Profound deafness when a sound of 90 dBHL is not audible to the child. In such a circumstance a hearing aid is not always beneficial due to the 'Dead Regions' in Cochlea. The child is given a trial with the hearing aids along with a rigorous Speech and Language training. The progress of the child with hearing aids is monitored consistently for a span of 3 months. 

Cochlear Implants are recommended when

1. The child has severe to profound hearing loss as per evaluated hearing tests

2. Limited or no benefit from  hearing Aids

3. Structurally and Functionally potent Auditory structures and higher order structures


The journey of hearing of a child starts from accurate diagnosis, efficient surgery and aggressive  speech therapy program.

Our highly motivated team focuses on early identification of the problem and best hearing rehabilitation option.

Here is quick overview of the journey with us.
















STEP-1                   Hearing Tests

Our audiologist carryout detailed evaluations including 

  • Pure Tone Audiometry/Play Audiometry

  • Tympanometry

  • Oto acoustic emissions, Brainstem Evoked Auditory Responses 

  • Promontory test, EABR (when BERA is absent)

  • Trial with hearing aids along therapy before going in for cochlear implants.


STEP-2                    Radiological valuations​

Our professionals provide you a detailed overview of the x-rays, MRI & CT scans reports and discuss about the 

plan of action during our counselling sessions.

STEP-3                  Patient Education Program

We believe in through education to parents so that they can decide what is best for their child. Parents are informed about all the 

implantable device options, procedure for the surgery, risk and advantages involved, and what to expect after surgery.

Parents also provided with self read materials, and are prepared for journey ahead.

STEP-4                 Surgery, Activation & Fitting 

Surgery procedures that is least invasive to the child with best outcomes are chosen and success of the surgery is documented .

Post 3-2 weeks of the surgery, professionals activate the sound processor to an optimal level so that the child accepts the sound.

This requires meticulous planning and care so that the child doesn't complain of sounds being over loud or under heard.

STEP-5           Speech therapy and optimization of sound

Speech therapy is a process wherein the child learns identify the sensation of sound. We gradually monitor performance of child with

the cochlear implants and optimize the maps frequently.

The child who is new to the world of hearing is taught language and speech in natural settings which fastens the learning process. 

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