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Highlights of our program

       Here we cater to the hearing needs of  patients with ​

  • Patients with single sided deafness, usually due to tumour removals on one side.

  • Conductive or mixed hearing losses.  

  • To patients who cannot wear hearing aids due to medical problems in ear canal. 

What is Osia System and how do they work? 

Designed to discreetly work with your body to help you hear and communicate with ease. The Osia OSI200 is placed under the skin and works by bypassing damaged areas of the outer and middle ear, which sends sound directly to the inner ear. The implant is attached to the BI300 which is Cochlear’s latest titanium implant featuring TiOblast  surface technology. The implant is designed to promote faster and stronger integration to the bone (through a natural process known as osseointegration). Osia performance is better in noisy environment and gives a 12db better SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) when compared to Baha.It is a device with Sleek design which required  very low maintenance.








  • Have conductive hearing loss in one or both ears.

  • Have a mild to moderate mixed component to their hearing loss.

  • The greater the air-bone gap, the more the candidate may benefit.

  • Have single-sided deafness.

  • Get limited benefit from a hearing aid, particularly in challenging listening situations like background noise or when in a big group.

  • Are unable to wear hearing aids.

  • Have no medical contraindications.


Our Osia Program

1. BHII is the pioneer institute in India to start one shot Osia surgery for patients who have 'Skull Base' osteomyelitis and second in Asia Pacific to do Osia.

2. Our very experienced surgeon, along with excising the life threatening tumours, provides the valuable hearing rehabilitation implant alongside the surgical procedure.

3. Experience session: Prior to the surgery we provide an experience session with Osia by simulating the hearing loss the patient undergoes with tumour excision.

4. Documentation of the benefit from the device after experience session.

5. Life long monitoring of the device post implantation.

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