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Our Cochlear Implant Team including ENT surgeons, audiologists, speech & language pathologists, and other support staff is led by Dr. Sampath Chandra Prasad Rao, one of the most accomplished ENT & Skull Base Surgeons in India. 

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The BHII Audiology & Speech rehabilitation team is one of the best in the field, providing dedicated pre-operative, post-operative care, mapping and auditory-verbal therapy using state-of-the-art equipments and infrastructure. 

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Our surgeons perform the entire gamut of Hearing Implantology including Cochlear Implants, Bone Anchored Implants, Middle Ear Implants & Auditory Brainstem Implants. BHII is a one-stop solution for all hearing problems in both adults and children.

Bincy Babu

I had a wonderful experience here thanks to the audiologist. She was very polite and friendly. She listened to my problems thoroughly and made sure I was always comfortable. Her testing procedures were quick. She is very knowledgeable and and kept me informed on every step of the process.

Jesteena Joy

I came here for my grandfather who has an hearing issue due to his old age. The audiologist who took care of the whole process of testing and prescribing a hearing aid and i must say she did a wonderful job. Making older individuals happy is not that easy but my grandfather loved her and still praises her. Thank you 

Dr. Chetan Kumar

Experience of visiting BCII was a pleasant one.The institute has a competent and knowledgeable team of professionals who are courteous and assist you in every step of the way.Thank you so much .

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Cochlear Implants: How they work and who do they benefit?


*Help Dipto Shil get Cochlear Implant to help him hear *

Master Dipto Shil is diagnosed with Bilateral severe to profound hearing loss and is advised to go for cochlear implant surgery at the earliest. Dipto Shil’s father’s earning will not suffice this huge amount and hence, please help Dipto Shil hear. Give him the childhood that he deserves by donating what you can. Your generosity can make a big difference 

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Bilateral Cochlear Implantation in a 2-Year-Old in Bangalore| Dr. Sampath Chandra Prasad Rao | BHII

Bilateral Cochlear Implantation in a 2-Year-Old in Bangalore| Dr. Sampath Chandra Prasad Rao | BHII

Dr. Sampath Chandra Prasad Rao and team successfully conducts a Bilateral Cochlear Implantation on a 2-year-old at Apollo Spectra Hospital, Bangalore on 19 November 2022. ~Bilateral Cochlear Implantation Process with the best technology~ This good news was covered by BANGALORE NEWS NETWORK @bnnbharatnewsnetworklive at @apollohospitalsindia Bangalore, 24 November 2022: Dr. Sampath Chandra Prasad Rao and his team conducted a Bilateral Cochlear Implantation (CI) procedure successfully on a 2-year-old child at Apollo Spectra Hospital, Bangalore. The patient has been suffering from bilateral profound hearing loss since birth, with an inability to hear in both ears. The 10-hour-long procedure was undertaken on the young child to have the Cochlear implantation on both sides with the new advanced model of Cochlear Nucleus implant, CI632. The child will receive state of the art Kanso 2 sound processor. The switch-on will be done next month. The child visited the hospital for 2 consultations in the month of October, for history and clinical examination, hearing evaluation and counseling for surgery. Cochlear Implantation is a high-end long procedure conducted for patients with deafness. This unique procedure was conducted at Apollo Spectra Hospital, Bangalore daycare center with their top-end facilities and technologies under the experienced team. The cochlear implant is a small device that converts sound to electric signals to stimulate the Cochlear nerve and enable hearing. It is a sensitive procedure to perform on a 2-year-old child, as operating on delicate bony structures in a child can lead to complications if not meticulously done. The structures are not completely developed in a very young child. The procedure requires high precision and highly trained audiologists specialized in cochlear implantation to assess Impedance and Neural response telemetry. Intraoperative facial nerve monitoring by electrophysiologists is also required. Speaking on the successful incident, Dr. Sampath Chandra Prasad Rao, Chief Auditory Implant Surgeon, and Skull Base Surgeon said, “Ever since the implementation of newborn hearing screening programs by the Government of India, Hearing issues in infants have been diagnosed more frequently these days and the hearing solution for such kids is Cochlear implantation. We did a Bilateral Cochlear implantation for a 2-year-old child who was born deaf in both ears. If there is no intervention done for such kids, they will become mute as well. So it is imperative to intervene early to restitute hearing and give these children a new leash of life. It gives us immense pleasure to bring back hearing to the child” Being overwhelmed by the successful implantation the patient’s family expressed “We are extremely satisfied with the services and hospitality of all departments at Apollo Spectra Hospital, Bangalore. The team is very approachable and the patient is provided with a homely environment. Dr. Sampath is a perfectionist with his approach, technique and the skill that he carries is exceptionally well and unique, which helped me in clearing all my doubts about the procedure and understand all required information for an informed decision. I was comfortable handing over the responsibility of my child due to Apollo’s well-featured OT, techniques and doctors who are highly specialised in this surgery. In addition to this, Apollo Spectra Hospital, Bangalore has an exclusive surgical center for cochlear implantation. Overall it has been a great experience.” The procedure was done by the Apollo team headed by Dr. Sampath Chandra Prasad Rao and his team of doctors, Dr. Ajay Bhandarkar, Dr. Niveditha Damodharan, Dr. Rakshita Kamath, and Dr. Lavanya Manoharan. About Apollo Spectra Bangalore: Apollo Spectra is a multi-specialty hospital that brings together world-class medical services and the world’s best healthcare management practices. They are specialists in treatment for Bariatrics, Orthopedics, Cosmetic surgery, Vascular surgery, Physiotherapy, etc. With 17 centers spread across 12 cities – Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Gurugram, Gwalior, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kanpur, Mumbai, Noida, Patna, and Pune, over 2,50,000 successful surgeries with excellent clinical outcomes, and over 2,300 leading doctors; Apollo Spectra Hospitals continue to set new standards in healthcare services. It also offers a wide range of specialties including Orthopedics & Spine, General & Laparoscopic Surgery, ENT, Urology, Varicose Veins, Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Gastroenterology, Pain Management, and General Medicine.